Friday, November 25, 2011


When I began Second Life I never dreamed that creating holiday themed special attractions would become part of my repertoire. The haunted corn maze grew out of my garden business - and the curiosity as to how much it would cost for my customers to trick out their purchase for Halloween.  

Building the maze was fun and I got back my expenses in tips. But the special attraction was by no means a money making proposition and had Ample Clarity not given me access to the land around his PrimPossible furniture store for my garden business in return for landscaping, I would have lost money. Never the less, theme parks got under my skin and I wanted to try my hand at a winter wonderland.

Ample moved his store to 1 Prim Island and not only did I have my garden store to set up again - there was a whole homestead to landscape!

I deliberated for a long time how to best do the snowscape and where.  Should I make the winterland in a skybox accessed by walking through a magic wardrobe like Narnia? If I made it on the sim proper how do I transition from snow to temperate climes in just a few steps?  It took a bit of doing but I learned how to manipulate terrain textures and created a winter quarter of the island.

This sculpted Fairy Castle Bridge by Nekka with an ice texture was the ticket to keeping WinterPark as its own special place.  Just add toy soldiers!     

It looks a little Disney – especially with that carousel.  Which also came with snuggles.

As it turns out - besides skating…

And sledding…

Snuggling is one of the most popular winter sports in SL!

That's judging by how all the winter structures like the skating hut and igloo just seemed to come packed full of snuggles.

And then there is the Ice Dancing Ring. What’s slow dancing but choreographed cuddles?

WinterPark turned out to be a 
heck of a lot more romantic than a spooky Halloween maze, but it still has plenty of other attractions.

Like the toboggan ride,

Hitch a ride with Santa on his sleigh,

Ride the Christmas Train
to wine country,

Build a snowman, 

 make angels in the snow.

Or just chill out and chat with friends at the Christmas house

So stop on by and say hi! 
There’s always room at the table.