Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Halloween

To make a few Lindens to afford my “Someday Sim” I opened a garden store on the Marketplace (XStreet).  My friend Ample Clarity, of the one prim piano fame, was in need of some landscaping and invited me to open my 1 prim garden store on his land.  So I did.

I started with vegetables, and since it’s fall, autumn trees.   

Cornfields are my best seller, and dried cornfields have really picked up with the season. 

That gave me the idea to make a cornfield maze on the back 40 (well really 64m).

The next thing you know I turned it into a cornfield maze skybox.

I did it because I came to SL to find an outlet for my creativity. It turned out pretty cool.  The skybox is only 58 prims. It can be used for a club or sim Halloween party. I doubt if I will sell many.  The maze is made up of over 46 rows of plants, so while I am selling it as a set for a 1/3 of its retail plant value, 999L$, that is pretty high end.  And that is just for the cornfield maze without decorations.  

I wondered how much it would cost someone to trick the maze out, so I went shopping on Xstreet. There are a lot of nice Halloween freebies out there. I found I could decorate the whole maze for about 77L$ on freebies and cheapies - most of which where one or two prims.  But I couldn't stop myself - the next thing you know I was turning the cornfield maze into a haunted attraction. 

I wanted my cornfield maze to be interactive, so I bought animations - nothing over 100L.

What do I mean by interactive?   Nothing is more interactive than a dance floor and it is the first stop in the maze. This Halloween dance floor with fog, pumpkin poofers and lasers was only 1L$!   

People can bring their friends to party. 

I guarantee they will have really hot time!

Burning at the Stake, 75L$, 

But beware! Giant spiders freely roam the corn maze and will sneak up from behind to attack!
 These critters are not only creepy but they are my favorite Halloween FREEBIE!  

Where there are spiders, 
there are spider webs.

Even though I tricked out the maze with stuff from the marketplace, setting it all up was bloody murder. 

But it was worth the sacrifice.

I was just about ready to put a lid on my shopping spree when I realized the maze needed some spooks flying over head. I looked for something like the headless horseman.  I searched for an animated pumpkin ghost and found one I could wear for 9L$. . 

If I could wear it, I could drop it above the maze, but could I animate it?  Out of curiosity I visited the creator’s sim,  Wingsong Dojo,  and discovered there was also a spectral  companion ghost for 9L$ 

The creator, Kit Ciaco was there. I told her I was looking for a flying version and she had them in her pocket.   Kit is a sweetheart. She has great stuff at low prices and scores of freebies on her sim.

 Her interactive tombstone, 9L$   emits fog and has such a great array of spooky sounds I turned them transparent and hid them thought the maze.

I kept changing my mind on where I wanted them. Finding and moving transparent prims hidden in those cornstalks was a bear. It was enough to make me sit down and cry.

But I didn’t stay down for long.

I still had the “story room” to go. So I rolled up my sleeves got to work.

Can you tell I really dig Edgar Allen Poe?

What’s Halloween without sitting around a fire telling ghost stories?  Admiral Constantine and Ample dropped by to swap stories.  That lantern is loaded with them.
Hallowe'en Ghost Story Reader in Lantern, 49L$,,  Campfire with Sits for 6, 25L$
And you cant have Halloween party without bobbing for apples!
Bobbing for apples, 50L$,

Those are the highlights of Cara Cali’s Haunted Interactive Cornfield Maze. I’ve made a list of everything I bought and put them on a note card so folks can find them easily: lots of freebies and nothing over 100L$. You can pick it up at the maze and play with the animations at

Come by and say hi!  You will probably find me hanging somewhere about the sim.

Gallows, 50L$. , Ghastly Ghost Freebie

Note: All products listed here were purchased on the marketplace to decorate the maze I built in the manner described.  I have included the links for the convenience of my readers. This is not an advertising blog and their creators did not solicit my endorsement.