Thursday, April 14, 2011

My mother always said "...if only I were your age and know what I know now."  If I were 21 again, knowing what I know now how would my life be any different?  Would I may the same choices or choose new ones? Would my life run by the same old scripts or would I write new ones? Would relationships follow the same pattern, or had I leaned anything? These are some of the reasons I came to Second Life - that and meet creative interesting people from all over the world and role play some games.

A little under two years ago I started playing facebook games. At first I was shy and just wanted to play the game but they are designed to force you to make friends. I soon discovered this contrary to my private nature wasn't so bad. I loved seeing the post and leaning what my friends we up to in their RL, and became very good friends with several. But eventually I got so high up in the game it was hard to move up farther and it was two dimensional and flat, so I thought I'd try second life.

All I can say is "'Watch out! Here I am world!"